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MarketConnect is a specialist technology company which provides solutions around enterprise infrastructure, data centre and networking technologies with specific focus on FINANCIAL TRADING and CO-LOCATION services.


MarketConnect provides secure, redundant and LOW-LATENCY hosting in the JSE CO-LOCATION and TERACO data centres.


Co-Location @ JSE

MarketConnect is a licensed Shared Infrastructure Provider (SIP) of the JSE. We host your trading infrastructure at the JSE 40m from the trading engine.


o     Mitigation of Risk

o     Latency Advantage

o     Cost Saving

o     New trading strategies


We provide both physical and virtual infrastructure and can scale according to your needs. We have presence in both the JSE Co-Location Data Centre as well as Teraco and can therefore create a customized solution according to your needs. The JSE DC provides extreme low latency execution with latency as low as 200 micro seconds.


We have hosting presence in the Teraco data centre from where we have low latency fibre connectivity to the JSE. Connectivity to international markets via the Teraco Data Centre. Direct London POP from the JSE Co-Location Data Centre. Connectivity to all major ISP’s within the Teraco Data Centre

Managed Services

o     Firewall

o     Connectivity tests (LCON)

o     Physical Infrastructure

o     VPS (Virtual Private Server)

o     Virtual Infrastructure

o     Hardware consultancy

o     On boarding

o     Infrastructure as a Service

Why choose the MarketConnect VPS Offering?

The MarketConnect VPS (Virtual Private Servers or Hosted Desktops) offering is the only VPS solution of its kind in South Africa.


Hosted in the Co-location facility, we provide you with the lowest latency connection to JSE markets, at the fastest connection speed available in the country.


With us, you will have the competitive advantage of being connected directly to the JSE, for all your critical trading activities. MarketConnect VPS enables you to access your Trading Desktop remotely – so that you can use the same trading desktop from any location, worldwide.


Our team of dedicated technical engineers are structured to manage your critical trading infrastructure and connectivity requirements.


Use MarketConnect for the fastest, secure, dedicated VPS solution, with dedicated support. MarketConnect is offered by BUI – a JSE approved technical specialist.

Why Colocation?*

Co-location means that your infrastructure is hosted in the same vicinity as the infrastructure that drives the markets at the JSE, connecting you directly to the JSE. Our solution is JSE approved.

Fastest Access

Fastest Access

MarketConnect provides the trading community with the fastest access to the JSE markets. It is now a competitive advantage to be connected directly to the JSE.
JSE Approved

JSE Approved

Our solution is JSE approved, hosted within the JSE environment, monitored by the JSE, managed by technical specialists. This service has been designed to support your critical trading activities.
Managed Services

Managed Services

Our managed infrastructure and connectivity service allow brokers and traders to go direct to the JSE. This service is between 24 and 200 times faster than your current connectivity and infrastructure.
Future Trends

Future Trends

We believe that in the next few years all traders will be connected directly to the JSE.
Service by BUI

Service by BUI

MarketConnect is offered by BUI – a JSE approved technical specialist. As a Shared Infrastructure provider, we have a team of dedicated technical engineers. Our service is structured to manage your critical trading infrastructure and connectivity requirements.

Between 24 – 2000 Times Faster than your Current Connectivity*

What Key Benefits to Expect?

Latency Advantage

o     Fastest Trading and Market data access for all JSE markets

Cost Saving

o     Reduce bandwidth requirements between Co-location* customers
and JSE

New Trading Strategies

o     Enables low-latency trading strategies
o     Potential execution probability improvement
o     Enhanced response to market movement

Risk Mitigation

o     Reduce dependence on telecommunications service providers
o     Resilient infrastructure throughout the environment
o     Sophisticated JSE data center designed to tier 3 standards

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